Achieving objectives for our clients through local expertise and national knowledge
SAM Alliance

Letter From the President

April 2016

Our group of 22 privately owned firms originated $12.2 billion in 2015 and currently service $40 billion in loans for life insurance companies, banks and CMBS platforms. We have offices in 50 markets around the country making us one of the largest platforms in the country. Overall, the industry last year had commercial originations that exceeded $500 billion. This nearly matched the record originations of 2007.
SAM is positioned to provide borrowers unsurpassed service with over 125 producers across the country transacting some 1200 loans per year. Because our companies are locally owned, we have “skin in the game” providing our borrowers and lenders alike the best service and expertise in our respective markets. We use a real time platform that allows us provide the best execution for the borrower. Many loans involve out of state borrowers whereby our firms work together over state lines. Our privately owned firms share the same entrepreneurial spirit that results in the best results for the customer. As a result, regional and national borrowers equally benefit from our platform making us a top mortgage banking originator year in and year out.

In an environment where change is constant, working with the SAM platform provides access to over 280 capital sources. The current regulatory environment affecting the CMBS markets is causing them to become a higher cost solution while still providing high leverage and maximum cash flow to borrowers. As the dust settles, CMBS will continue to serve the industry as an important provider of liquidity in the marketplace however, the landscape will continue to change as some CMBS originators are closing their doors due to shrinking margins. Going forward, it is important to know that SAM services for the top 10 CMBS lenders, which provides our borrowers the same quality service they receive with our life company servicing relationships.
Life insurance companies continue to lend at record levels while maintaining the underwriting discipline that has kept their portfolios very clean with few delinquencies or problem loans. This allows them to consistently be in the market as a viable lending source year after year.

We expect this year to be another busy one, but as you navigate the likely future winds of change, we recommend you align yourself with a local SAM affiliate that will provide you with the combination of local market expertise with a national scope of knowledge.

We look forward to hearing from you!

H. Treak Tasker, CMB
Strategic Alliance Network, LLC (SAM)